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The Solar Battery Storage Revolution

Energy storage is nothing new. Lead- acid deep cycle batteries have been around for over 100 years and we have been using them to store energy generated by solar panels since they were invented in the 1950’s. The big difference lies in the accessibility and convenience of the new lithium-ion battery technology for you, the average home-owner. 

Lithium-ion batteries provide an elegant solution to the big problems facing previous technology: they cost less, they are compact and they look good!


Lithium-ion batteries are not the newest of inventions either, they have existed since the 1970’s.  That handy mobile phone has pushed these batteries into focus since the 1980’s. The big problem that held this technology back is those batteries had a habit of literally blowing up!

Researchers worked to stabilise the lithium-ion formula, adding carbon and testing different types of metal oxides. The big development came when scientists hit the winning formula, (Li Co O) Lithium Cobalt Oxide. It might not sound that interesting to most people but the new, super-connected world we live in is all thanks to these guys and their magic formula. 

Mobile phones, tablets, computers and even modern internet-businesses are all possible thanks to these batteries and we are already seeing more technologies leaning towards these technologies: cars, machinery and now… your home!

There’s a few reasons this technology is increasingly popular, especially in Australia. Although Lithium-ion batteries have been on the market for a while, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has managed to put the technology at the centre of consumer attention.

Secondly, a combination of a drop in feed-in tariffs (the credits you are given from exporting power to the grid) and increasing electricity prices create an ideal market for solar storage to save the day. Australians (along with the rest of the world) are more keen than ever to have more control over how they generate and consume their electricity. It’s never been easier to achieve independence from the big energy companies.

Solar battery producers are now focusing on creating even more innovative solutions. These new Lithium-ion batteries come with software allowing you to use them in multiple ways. Not only can you store power for night time use, you can now monitor and manage your electricity so that you can store energy at off-peak times to use in peak hours, saving you money on the energy you use from the grid.

Many battery producers are now allowing multiple batteries to be installed in series, allowing for flexible and expandable storage solutions. This technique will provide your home with enough power for several days of electricity usage, drawn solely from your home solar batteries! This may not be necessary for most homeowners as the grid will always be available, but it’s a great option to have available and has plenty of practical applications (especially for off-grid set-ups).


Here’s How Your Battery Backup Solar System Works

Solar panels will generate DC electricity from the sunlight available, unused electricity will be sent to the battery to charge. Your inverter will then convert the DC (Direct Current) power produced to AC (Alternating Current) power for safe use in your home. Your battery inverter will also convert AC to DC so you can store energy from the grid. The actual process is a little more complicated than that (actually a lot more complicated) but that’s the basic idea of the flow of things. 

Australia is in front of most of the western world in terms of the energy revolution and it is YOU that will reap the benefits!

Everyday people are no longer powerless (pun intended) in terms of control they have with energy production, consumption and now distribution. We now have real options to determine how we use and store electricity and the future looks even brighter with energy companies opening up to the inevitable idea of developing more fair and balanced business models to work WITH consumers. We are moving towards creating what some are calling the “low carbon economy” and Australians will be the pioneers!


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We only work with the best solar brands on the market!

We only work with the best solar brands on the market!

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